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Breton & the theme of sexuality

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 142x185cm
Year: 2007
1210 200 #000000

The flying fishes

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 60X64cm
Year: 2009
70510 170 #000000

An incarnation of a female surrealist muse

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 142x185cm
Year: 2007
12227 210 #000000

Breton's crises of objects & the bisilic lizard

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 117x125cm
Year: 2010
60010 270 #000000

Deca arcade of the psyche

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 72x79cm
Year: 2005
65012 225 #000000

The Birth

Medium: Oil on Matboard
Size: 32x40cm
Year: 2001
70012 175 #000000

A Drop of My Dream

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 72x106cm
Year: 2001
665250 210 #000000

Breton & the revolution of the mind

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 64x66cm
Year: 2008
10230 225 #000000
Without a doubt, Shahla Rosa is the greatest female surrealist artist, ever!
Keith Wigdor, Leader of the surrealist movement of 21 Century

Artist Statement

Each time I started a new painting, it’s like emerging in surrealist art as a spectator at the birth of the movement.

In my paintings each character is the being that projects the greatest shadow or the greatest light into my dreams, or is the love as a means of creation and a source of revelation.

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Artist Biography

Shahla loved art from early childhood. Her father was an amateur painter, and tried to transfer his gift to her. She won several national prizes in her teenage years, and this recognition inspired her to pursue painting as a career despite family opposition.

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What the critics are saying

One of the Best Painters of Oil on Canvas, besides, one of the most INTENSE SURREALIST that I know of today, Shahla Rosa’s Surrealism is the Marvelous in its purest form, as bestowed unto us by Breton himself!!!

Keith WigdorLeader of the surrealist movement of 21 Century.

One of the most inspirational female artists around today, Shahla Rosa is a contemporary surrealist artist whose work is truly magical.

Coral AndrewsFAULT Magazine

A sincere opinion from DR. Bruno Francisci, Director of the Cultural Affairs of the City of ABANO TERME, ITALY, also in charge of the MUSEO CIVICO DI ABANO TERME.

La mia opinione SINCERA è assolutamente POSITIVA. Non ho visto l’originale ma dalle due fotografie mi sembra che si tratti di un’artista di prim’ordine, un vero talento, un visionario potente, dalla straordinaria fantasia inventiva, di spessore culturale eccezionale, di grande capacità compositiva. Mi incuriosisce molto: Mi puoi mandare riproduzioni di migliore risoluzione e anche altre immagini di questo artista? Mi piacerebbe moltissimo che ci fosse alla mostra del Montirone. Complimenti per la scoperta!

R. Bruno FrancisciDirector of the Cultural Affair, Abano Terme, Italy