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Artist’s Statement

Each time I started a new painting, it’s like emerging in surrealist art as a spectator at the birth of the movement.

In my paintings each character is the being that projects the greatest shadow or the greatest light into my dreams, or is the love as a means of creation and a source of revelation.

I try to release my desire into the world in an image of every personality’s beauty both ethereal and fragmentary.

I believe both scientist and artist arrive at the same understanding of the unconscious. I always find my way to surrealism through personal, often romantic connection with my imaginary members of a group. It’s kind of freedom. The surrealist cause, in art as in life, is the cause of freedom itself.

I would not wait for the world to be revealed to me such as passive compliant, yet my female principle always governing my creation. My description of a social organization based on the principles of equality, respect for existence life and with the power of love I make alternate to the deeply entrench patriarchal social and political order that had shaped the surrealist revolt. That’s why my role as a creator in my own right can be sought in my work as well as in my social life.

There is a dreamy, hallucinatory quality to the imagination but the overwhelming impression is one of nature animates by Eros.

Surrealism’s desire to project psychic reality onto the natural world, to transform landscape according to the dictates of inner life, which curiously invented by my own self.

My symbolic journeys deep into myself, Earth and Galaxy, leads me to a point at which me and other blend together and fantastic imagination grow directly from zero.

I believe that it is through the exploration of the unconscious and the projecting of the dream state into reality, that I reach new levels of creative imagination.

Equally fascinated by the process through which I conceptualize this imaginary journey into the labyrinth of the sea, surrounding the unconscious with a watery bath capable of giving birth to works of art rather than to goddesses of love. For me, it works always its way in to painting and poetry.